Stop forgetting what you've studied.

With One Page A Day, a daily digest email curated from your notes.

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The Simple Solution To Studying

A Memo

1) Copy and paste your old notes into One Page A Day.

Don't let your notes sit in a Word document or folder somewhere. Upload them to One Page A Day.

An Email

2) Receive a daily email curated from your notes.

Every morning you'll receive a curated newsletter that includes 1-3 random chunks of information from your notes.

Some Books

3) Retain the information you've already studied

Due to the repeat nature of re-studying your notes you'll utilise Spaced repetition.

This means you'll be able to recall information you've studied easier over time.


Casual Learner


Up to 10 Notes

No Integrations

Avid Learner

$5 per month

Unlimited Notes

Pocket and Instapaper Integrations